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Privacy    July 26, 2016  
False light: a new frontier for privacy law in Australia?

With the settlement of Gina Rinehart’s action over the mini-series House of Hancock, Australia has missed the opportunity to test a novel form of privacy claim – “false light” ... Hannah Ryan reports ... more

Seminars, interviews & commentary    July 25, 2016   thumbnail
The end of privacy?

It’s become far too common to shame people on social media, but can the law have any impact on such behaviour? ... UK media lawyer Jonathan Coad looks at the recent “body-shaming” post by a Playboy model to explain why he thinks it’s unlikely ... more

Interlocutory    July 20, 2016  
Lloyd Rayney v Mark Reynolds

A Perth barrister acquitted of murder in 2012 has been given extra time to serve a writ on a forensic investigator whom he claims re-asserted his guilt at a conference in 2014 ... more

Trial reports    July 19, 2016   thumbnail
Don Voelte v Australian Broadcasting Corporation

A jury of four men throws out case brought by former CEO of Seven Group Holdings against the ABC … Imputations pleaded over a report on The Business which he said implied he betrayed shareholders weren’t conveyed ... more

Trial reports    July 18, 2016  
Don Voelte v Australian Broadcasting Corporation

A war of words over the meaning of words dominates the first day of businessman Don Voelte’s defamation action against the ABC … Florid silks at ten paces in a trial reminiscent of the old section 7As ... more

Appeals    July 16, 2016   thumbnail
Fredrick Toben v Nationwide News & Ors

The NSW Court of Appeal hears submissions on the “obvious truth” of the Holocaust and the logical inconsistency of alleged Holocaust denier Dr Fredrick Toben’s position … Was the permanent staying of his defamation action justified? Hannah Ryan reports ... more

Dossier    July 15, 2016  
Godwin's wretched emails

Credit Suisse boss sues Melbourne University Publishing over the Godwin Grech chapter in Paddy Manning’s biography of Malcolm Turnbull … Stunned mullet defamation action against The Daily Telegraph over social media frenzy … C’est ridicule? ... more

Injunctions    July 14, 2016   thumbnail
Carol Kidu v Hollie Fifer & Media Stockade Pty Ltd

A young documentary filmmaker has won her NSW Supreme Court battle to discharge an injunction granted over eight minutes of footage featuring former PNG opposition leader, Dame Carol Kidu … There are “real concerns abut the plaintiff’s credibility” ... more

Trial reports    July 13, 2016  
Anthony Cummings & Anor v Fairfax Media & Ors

Two former Fairfax employees feature in a case brought against Fairfax – one for the plaintiff and one for the defendant … Sparks fly between bench and bar table … Reasonableness under scrutiny ... more

Trial reports    July 11, 2016   thumbnail
Anthony Cummings & Anor v Fairfax Media & Ors

Anthony (son of Bart) Cummings finally has his day in court after six years … Hearing on liability only before a judge alone … Fair summary of a public document to be tested ... more

Interlocutory    July 8, 2016  
Elsa van Garderen v Channel Seven Melbourne Pty Ltd & Ors

The failure of a plaintiff’s lawyers to file proceedings within time, notwithstanding “unfortunate events”, results in an application for an extension of time being dismissed … “A litigant who postpones commencement of an action acts at his or her own peril” ... more

Seminars, interviews & commentary    July 7, 2016   thumbnail
Kanye West's video "Famous": A celebrity (legal) hotbed?

Kanye West’s recent celebrity lookalike video Famous raises all kinds of possibilities for legal action … or does it? New York-based barrister Alexia Bedat investigates in this Inforrm article ... more

Appeals    July 6, 2016  
Charles Dupois v Queensland Television Ltd & Ors

The QLD Court of Appeal has refused to strike out particulars of a plaintiff’s criminal convictions from the defence … The plaintiff raised them himself … Rebecca Gall reports ... more

Interlocutory    July 3, 2016   thumbnail
Yosef Feldman v The Guardian News & Media Limited & Melissa Davey

A Sydney rabbi’s defamation action against The Guardian has been permanently stayed … He had previously agreed to settle the matter, notwithstanding that a deed of release remains unsigned ... more

Interlocutory    July 1, 2016  
The Registered Clubs Association of NSW v Australian Broadcasting Corporation

ABC questions the right of Clubs NSW to sue in defamation … NSW Supreme Court Justice Lucy McCallum orders discovery to prove it is an excluded corporation under the Defamation Act 2005 ... more

Seminars, interviews & commentary    June 30, 2016   thumbnail
Costs decision contains warning for media

A recent costs judgment in the UK “poses a serious threat to media organisations and their right to freedom of expression” according to Media Lawyer’s editor Mike Dodd ... more

Dossier    June 29, 2016  
Settlement fever

Settlements for the ABC, Fairfax Media and The Age… Verdict and judgment for the plaintiff in rabid tweeter case … The endlessly appealing Dr Frederick Toben … A trip to the High Court over sources … Consolidating matters in the NSW Supreme Court … The grand mufti’s front-page action ... more

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