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Injunctions    April 27, 2016  
Peter Hegarty & Ready Flowers Pty Ltd v Gordon Craven

QLD District Court Judge Brendan Butler orders a self-represented defendant to refrain from publishing allegations of “rip-off conduct” on a website … His defences in defamation have “limited prospects” of success ... more

Damages    April 26, 2016   thumbnail
Theo Maras v John Lesses

A defamation battle between two prominent members of SA’s Greek Orthodox community (and one-time friends) ends in damages of $75,000 … The defamatory material was untruthful, not honestly held opinion and published maliciously ... more

Truth    April 25, 2016  
Malcolm Weatherup v NewsCorp Australia

Townsville jury finds former Townsville Bulletin court reporter was defamed by a snippet in Sharri Markson’s media gossip column … It’s not true that Malcolm Weatherup was “habitually intoxicated” and “incurred the wrath of judges” ... more

Seminars, interviews & commentary    April 22, 2016   thumbnail
Personalities, privacy and the media

Lively discussion around celebrity, privacy, social media, journalism and the parlous state of our defamation laws featured at a recent Communication and Media Law Association seminar in Sydney … Seb Tonkin was taking notes ... more

Injunctions    April 22, 2016  
Carol Kidu v Hollie Fifer & Media Stockade Pty Ltd

Former PNG opposition leader gets a temporary injunction – at a price … Dame Carol Kidu must provide $250,000 in security to stop a documentary featuring her role in the Paga Hill development dispute from screening in its current form ... more

Imputations    April 18, 2016   thumbnail
Kingsfield Holdings Pty Ltd V Ivan Rutherford and Jeffrey Stewart Lee v Ivan Rutherford

WA Supreme Court Justice Ken Martin dismisses two defamation actions brought by the operators of Quokka Joe’s cafe on Rottnest Island … The plaintiffs displayed an “abnormal level of hypersensitivity” to 15 words spoken to one person … Carmel Galati reports ... more

Interlocutory    April 15, 2016  
Denis Wagner & Ors v Nine Network Australia & Ors

QLD Supreme Court judge strikes out three imputations pleaded by four Wagner brothers over a 60 Minutes story on the fatal Grantham flood of 2011 … The word “responsible” is inherently ambiguous ... more

Injunctions    April 14, 2016   thumbnail
Carol Kidu v Hollie Fifer & Media Stockade Pty Ltd

Hard-fought NSW Supreme Court battle to restrain distribution of a documentary featuring PNG’s Dame Carol Kidu hears that defamation is the “white elephant in the room” ... Seb Tonkin reports ... more

Media Matters    April 12, 2016  
Canadian court orders Vice Media to deliver source communications to police

A recent Canadian court decision compelling media organisation Vice to produce communications between a journalist and his source (a man believed to be fighting for ISIS) augurs badly for journalism, say Paul Schabas, Iris Fischer and Helen Richards ... Reporting the basis for the order is also prohibited ... more

Interlocutory    April 6, 2016   thumbnail
Alaa Alawadi v Widad Kamel Farhan t/as The Australian Arabic Panorama Newspaper

Self-styled “spiritual therapist” gets short shrift in the NSW District Court as Judge Judith Gibson strikes out all but one of his claims against Arabic newspaper, Panorama ... more

Interlocutory    April 5, 2016  
Hyung Sup Lee v Sam Yeol Cho

Summary dismissal for yet another poorly prosecuted defamation action in the NSW District Court … Former Greens leader Christine Milne fails to garner indemnity costs against Holocaust denier Dr Frederick Toben ... more

Media Matters    April 1, 2016   thumbnail
UK tribunal orders disclosure of former prime ministers' expenses

A victory for transparency in the UK as freelance journalist Gabriel Webber lodges a successful FOI application in respect of former prime ministers’ expenses … Read his account of the argument, and the decision in this Inforrm article ... more

Appeals    March 29, 2016  
Sandra de Poi v Advertiser-News Weekend Publishing Company Pty Ltd

“Poor journalism and sensationalist captioning” costs The Sunday Mail $75,000 damages (plus costs) on appeal … SA businesswoman Sandra de Poi is not a person lacking integrity ... more

Dossier    March 23, 2016   thumbnail
The trouble with Harry

Big name actions and big name settlements … Businessmen (and women), barristers, cricketers, ex-journalists and ex-politicians test the defamation waters … A big name internet company appeals … Boutique media law shop news ... more

Damages    March 18, 2016  
Stephen Dank v Nationwide News & Ors

NSW Supreme Court Justice Lucy McCallum goes out on a limb and awards controversial sports scientist Stephen Dank zero damages after determining the “true sting” of two imputations that were “factually incorrect” ... more

Dossier    March 17, 2016   thumbnail
Madafferi loses suppression order battle

Lawyers for The Age and the ABC succeed in having suppression order related to the murder of Melbourne criminal lawyer lifted … Alleged mafia boss Tony Madafferi can be named as the man Victoria Police visited in 2015 ... more

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